What to Expect for your Senior Portraits

>When you come in for your Senior Photo Session, It’s all about YOU!!!

Some schools have contracted yearbook photographers and they make you get your senior pictures done with that photographer. That means you have to have them do your yearbook picture only. They don’t have to do all of your senior pictures.

If you don’t have to worry about that, we will do your yearbook picture also.

After that, it’s totally up to you!  How do you have fun?

Do you play a sport?  Bring in your equipment and uniform!

Do you have a pet?  We can do that!

Do you play the guitar or keyboard?  Bring it in!

Have you won awards?  Bring them in!

Are you in the orchestra or band?  Bring in your instrument!

Do you have a hobby or a job?  We can work it out!

Do you drive a motor vehicle?  Not a problem!

Bring in your friends, your family your significant other!

Whatever you want to do……it’s all about you!  Your senior pictures should reflect your personality!

Relax!  It’s a piece of cake!

But most of all…..JUST HAVE FUN!!!

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